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And We're Off! Booking Tickets and Hotel rooms.

Hi everyone, as I write what I hope, is the first of many blog posts for the Cometogether2023 conference, the countdown clock on the landing page of the website is telling me that there are only 201 days left until the start of our conference!

Nothing like a deadline to get the mind focused!

If you are intending to join us in person at the Cometogether2023 conference, then please don't forget to book your hotel rooms in the Novotel Hotel. You will find a Novotel menu item, in the main menu on the landing page.

If you press on that menu link, you will be sent to our Novotel page and from there you can press the Book your room button, which will take you directly to the Liverpool Novotel site, where you can book your rooms.

Also don't forget to purchase your early bird conference tickets. You can get reduced price tickets up to 31st January 2023. To get your conference tickets, press on the 'Tickets' menu item at the top of the page. You will be taken to our registration page. Fill in the boxes and then press the registration button. You will then be taken to our ticket purchasing page, where again you will be asked to fill in your name and your email before you purchase your ticket.

If you are travelling long distance on the train or aircraft, then please don't forget to book your tickets well in advance of your leaving date, in order to get the best price on your travel deals. We very much, hope to see you all at Cometogether2023!

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